Newsletter No. 4

Third Fashion DIET Transnational Meeting at Reutlingen University

The third Transnational Meeting of the Fashion DIET project took place as planned from the 15th to the 16th of September at Reutlingen University. This time the get-together was organised as a hybrid meeting with at least two consortium members of all partner countries attending in presence and further consortium members from the Technical University of Iaşi and Stara Zagora joining the meeting online. Once again the project members met to discuss the previous and future milestones by sharing ideas and arguments.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle (Germany), dean and organiser of the meeting in Reutlingen, welcomed the consortium members. All partner universities enjoyed attending the meeting in presence and then shortly reported on the activities and current status in regard to the closure of the first milestone, i.e. the elaboration of the ESD Module. On this issue, every team worked well since the last meeting.

Figure 1: Consortium members of the third transnational meeting at Reutlingen University

The team was proud that, for the first ten months, the project has reached a good impact with its dissemination activities: Four full papers have been submitted and accepted for publication and consortium members gave corresponding presentations at various international events. In addition, dissemination articles were prepared that can be handed out to persons of interest.

However, this time, a main focus of the meeting was the opening of the second intellectual output, i.e. the use of the international e-learning platform Glocal Campus. In this regard, Ms Melloni, an invited guest speaker and expert on databases and copyright licences of the University of Education Freiburg, gave an enlightening presentation on the topic of Open Educational Resources OER, explaining the pros and cons of several licence types and how copyright can be allocated to the project’s work.

Figure 2: Working with the new structure of the e-learning platform Glocal Campus

The Consortium members intensely discussed several issues regarding the organisation of the content on the platform Glocal Campus. The team agreed upon a specific size and structure for the ESD courses and that this implies a mutual style guide for all courses. In this connection, the team also approved how it can address another long-term objective, the establishment of the ESD Manual in all 4 languages. For that introductory information addressing the scope of the course, its depth and the qualification of the target group will be given with each course.

Beside the concentrated work, everyone also enjoyed the social programme of the third transnational meeting which encompassed visits of the textile laboratories of Reutlingen University including the construction site of the Texoversum building and a trip to the Outletcity Metzingen as well as a city tour of Reutlingen.

The meeting in Reutlingen ended with a discussion of open questions and upcoming tasks and responsibilities. All in all, it was another fruitful and joyful exchange. Now, the team is looking forward to meet hopefully again in person at the next Transnational Meeting in Yambol, Bulgaria in April 2022.

Figure 4: Get together at Reutlingen city

Fashion DIET consortium, September 2021