Newsletter on the Bulgarian National Competition “Young Talents in Fashion”

The Fashion DIET Project members Zlatina Kazlacheva and Julieta Ilieva were the jury members of Bulgarian National Competition “Young Talents in Fashion”, which was held in the town of Popovo, Bulgaria in May 10-12, 2021.

48 students from 16 High Schools of Fashion and Textile participated at the competition, which was organised by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Association of High Schools of Fashion.

As chair of the jury, Zlatina Kazlacheva had the opportunity to present the project Fashion DIET. Her presentation was on the theme: “Fashion Design and Pattern Making in the Context of Sustainability”. The presentation in Bulgarian is available online at:

The winners in the competition received reusable bottles with the Fashion DIET project logo and a QR code, linked to the main project website.

Prof. Dr. Zlatina Kazlacheva, Trakia University in Bulgaria